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A prayer about a crappy day (and a crappy attitude)

Lord, Help me. I'm going through a crappy time, and I don't want to hear anyone saying trite little comments to me about how thankful I should be or how things will get better. I know that. I just don't feel that. I've decided I'm having a pity-party. This feels right, at the moment. But of course, then I feel worse. It's all selfishness. I know that. God, I don't know how you're going to change my heart. This is a big ask, and a bigger commitment to repent on my part. I need you. I need my faith in you to grow. I really do need someone to knock some sense into me. Except they really should do it from a distance because I'm likely to take a swing back. Hmm. Maybe I just need to find a punching bag. Punch me. I'll go open the Bible. I'm sure something there will reach out and knock me upside the head. So in advance of that happening, thank you. I do love you. Please bear with me a little longer. Amen. 1 Tim

How to complain the right way

I know how to complain. You do, too. This isn't fair. I will never dig out of this. Nobody appreciates me. I wish I had nicer things! Why can't I make any more money? I don't have any friends. Why is this happening to me?? It's all really pathetic on paper yet pretty important in our heads and hearts. We want to give credence to our feelings, so we express them to a friend, a spouse, social media, or some unsuspecting car at a stoplight. Does it help? Some. Verbal statements seem more accurate than fleeting thoughts, so it's nice to express how we feel. The hard part comes next--how to be positive. So we give our complaints the respect they deserve, and we speak them out. We're frustrated that God's not doing a better job of meeting our needs, and we don't see any escape routes. In times like these, I turn to the Psalms. David wrote at least 20 specific laments, and he's a doggone good complainer. But here's the interesting thing--D

How to have a good Pity-Party

Some days are meant for pity-parties. I mean it. Some days, you just need to throw something or cry into a pillow because life is too hard. You know how to have a good pity-party. Just let somebody try and stop you. Two boxes of tissues, 2 candy bars, and maybe some uncontrolled behavior. The downside to a pity-party is the aftermath. On top of feeling overwhelmed, pitching a fit provides very temporary relief; it might even reinforce your feelings of desperation. I love reading the book of Job on those occasions when life seems unfair because you can't read about Job's life without feeling a little bit of relief. You just can't. Job had it worse than anybody I know, and it happened in one fell swoop. Talk about unfair. Let me share one of Job's laments with you, so you can feel at least justified in having Biblical tantrum. I must point out one interesting fact, however. What makes this lament usable is that Job is taking his frustration to God. He's really n