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When you want to quit praying

Dear Lord, I'm tired of praying about this. Nothing changes. Do you want to help me? Do you hear me? Will you respond to me? I'm waiting. Help me to grow while I wait. Strengthen my faith-- I don't trust you enough. Help to to readjust my focus, to remember that your plans are bigger than my plans, that your love spans generations, cultures, and centuries. You are producing good works in me and in many other people, too, while I wait here impatiently, trying to decide if I should quit praying. I'm sorry. I'm so selfish and demanding. Help me to persevere, and by being faithful in prayer, I want to bring you glory, today and every day. Strengthen my resolve. Help me not to grow weary in praying. Give me a harvest of good works, a life lived in complete surrender and total expectation of the abundance of God's love! In Jesus' name, Amen. Read Lori Hatcher's blog post today, called " Powerful Hope When You're