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A Prayer for the election

Oh Lord, You know how confused and angry we get over everything. You understand our anxiety . You use everything, good or bad to accomplish your will. Even governments. Even citizens. Whether God-fearing, hypocrites, or downright evil, you can use anybody to further awareness and receptivity to your gospel message. I pray for our country right now and for the officials who will be elected today. I pray that they make decisions that will honor and glorify you and make the gospel go forth with power and clarity. I ask that you empower believers to speak truth with boldness, clarity, and kindness. May we never pervert the gospel because we are afraid or angry. Help us to be mindful of our testimony to the world. I pray for Americans to react to the election with grace and resoluteness. May we promote justice, love, and mercy above party politics and self-preservation. Convict us when we don't do that. Forgive me, Lord, for the many times I have not done that. I pray for you to be gl

Praise and Comfort

A Paraphrase of Psalm 66 Almighty God, The whole world will shout with joy to You and testify of You, telling everyone about the amazing things You've done for mankind. We worship You! How awesome are Your dealings with us! Your enemies cower under Your majesty. They cannot hide from Your power. Everyone, Take notice of God's care: He miraculously interferes in the natural causes of the earth and rescues us, miraculously. He controls and oversees mankind, even while evil men rule the earth. They will not win over Him. Everyone, praise the Lord! Tell others of His powerful deeds! He keeps us from demolishing our own lives, if we let Him. He challenges our faith by leading us through difficult circumstances. He allows us to be tested, persecuted, and oppressed. Yet He endures affliction with us and brings us out into a sunny place. Then we worship Him, because we see Him for who He is: great, powerful, loving, and just, a God who can be trusted. Ever

Lord, You did it again! (a praise for grace)

Dear Lord, You did it again! You answered prayers we didn't deserve to have answered. You gave grace in the midst of our frailties. You sprinkled favor on us like a gentle rain; Your radiance shined on us, like the sun breaking through after a storm. Thank you! Thank you for being Yourself, Your loving and generous self, who gives to the just and the unjust, the holy and unholy, just because You're holy. You gave us another gift today, just because You're You. We are eternally grateful. Help us to live worthy of Your grace here on earth (at least as much as possible). It's what You want from us-- relationship, obedience, glory to God. May You lengthen our memory of this day until the next time we wonder if You love us enough to hear our prayers. In Jesus' precious name, Amen. image by  MALIZ ONG