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Praying courage and power over a tough path

Praying courage and power over a tough path.   Isaiah 42 is a Messianic chapter which Jesus quotes from in New Testament. It provides an encouraging framework for anyone experiencing fatigue, discouragement, or oppression. Isaiah reminds the readers (as he talks about the Messiah), that God does not forget or hurt the broken. He remembers them and places them on a path to victory. See for yourself... pray this over someone who's struggling. Maybe yourself. Oh, Father, You delight in me. You are pouring out your Spirit on me, bringing justice to the nations through my obedience. You won't push me down when I stumble or break me when I feel broken . You will not snuff me out like a smoldering candle. Instead, you will rebuild me. You will fan the flame in me. You will lift me up and place my feet on solid rock. You will set me on the mountaintops. You have called me into right living because you are always right. You hold my hand and walk with me. Open my eyes that I may see

Praying Peace and Destiny over your Spouse

*(If you're a husband, switch all the him, he , and his to her, she, and her !) Dear Lord God Almighty, You've created my spouse with special care. You've fashioned his mind to process and his temperament to respond in the exact way You want it to. You've given him the ability to lead and follow, to be patient and impatient, to be confident and worried, to wait and to act. Your wisdom tells him what to do when. Protect him from discouraging influences, from critics, cynics, fools, and braggarts. Send Your angels to guard the mission You've designed for him and guard his heart from discouragement and disappointment. When he sees the enemy, may he give those souls over to You. May he love his enemies with Your love. Speak to him. Send whispers of hope shivering through his soul. Touch his memory and imagination with creativity that can only come from You. Make his heart feel light and happy, even while it carries a heavy weight. Only through

Confessions of a critical tongue

Oh, Lord, I did it again. I'm nit-picking and criticizing. I just can't stop myself. Or at least, I choose not to. I stand in front of people I love and I say unhelpful things with a big megaphone when I should just be listening. Help me to choose edifying speech. I want to give encouragement to my kids and husband, to speak lovely things about extended family and friends, to notice the good in church, school, and community organizations. I want to be a blessing to others. Lord, root out this spirit of criticism. I confess it. I know it comes from pride, and I confess it and pray against it in Jesus' name. Help me to learn your humility and your gentleness. Even when I see the wrong in something--even when I should take action against it or call it out--give me the grace to fight sin with mercy and understanding, to love sinners while hating sin. To give the Holy Spirit time to work in his own way and not according to my impatience. Why is this so hard? I am such a