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A Prayer for 2017

Lord, God of Time and Eternity-- A year is passing, and a new year is beginning. This is no big deal to you, because You've watched a millennia float by, neither rushed by it nor slowed by it. But we humans are obsessed with time; we can't get enough of it. Yet You give us exactly what we need to do exactly what You've decided we should do. (If only we would follow Your plan, we'd always have enough time for everything!) That's why I'm praying. I'm tempted to ask for a better year, but I know that's selfish and short-sighted. So instead, I'm asking for Your will, Your guidance, Your discipline, Your conviction. Make me more like Jesus this year. Please. I need more of Him and more of You and more of the Holy Spirit. I need the Trinity at work in me. I suspect that endeavor will use up all the time I have. It will be time well spent. Thank You for investing in me! Thank You for blessing me! Thank You for creating a way f

Praying my mother into eternity

Dear Lord of heaven and Lover of our souls, My soul is grieving, my heart is heavy. My tears are many. Yet you stir the truth in me. You urge me to have perspective about life and death. Death is not the enemy; it's the pathway into your presence. Give me the faith to not lose heart. while my mother's earthly body wastes away; help me feel your renewal day by day. Our present troubles are light and momentary compared to the greatness of living eternity in your presence. Your glory outweighs the heaviest of earthly pains! Show us your glory by leading us through this valley of longing and loss. I will fix my eyes on the unseen because it is eternal, rather than on the things I see here: the pain, the deterioration, the separation. These are temporary; they are joy-robbers and faith-robbers. I was not made for this earth, and neither was my mother. Eternity calls her, and she deserves to go there. Give her peace, joy, and eternal satisfaction. There she wil