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Thank you for fathers

Dear Father in heaven, Thank you for creating fatherhood and for men who are courageous and sacrificial while they do it. Praise God for men that take on the challenge of fatherhood, who grow into it, adapt to it, love it. Thank you for my dad, even though I have no significant memories of him. Even though he died at 33, he left a legacy. He had already started building something that would last. He left big shoes to fill and a wife determined to fill them. Thank you for my mother. For their marriage. For their commitment to you. Thank you for all parents who love their children and raise them to be responsible, caring, giving, and God-honoring. You leave your legacy on all of us. What a tribute a good father is to you, the greatest of all fathers, the one and only. I praise and thank you for who you are. Amen.

A Prayer to a Good Father

Dear Father in Heaven, That's a strange concept to me. A heavenly father. Who are you, and how can you love me like a father loves his child when there are 7.5 billion people in the world today? People you want as your children? You require holiness, but I am so unholy. You created me, yet I complain about this creation. (Why did you design bodies to change with age???) You have compassion and patience with me, even though I fail the same faith tests repeatedly. You are probably annoyed with my whining and entitlement, yet you don't lose your temper or say things you shouldn't. You don't work too much or fall asleep in your chair or forget birthdays or feel helpless when I'm despairing. (I don't know if earthly fathers do those things, but I've heard that some do.) This is why Father's Day is hard, why the concept of a Heavenly Father is hard: I don't know what good fathering feels like. But I know what love feels like. I know what th