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Lord, I'm thirsty for you

Lord, I'm so thirsty. I need more of You. I know that's my problem. I'm thirsty for You. Instead, I tell myself that one drink--one verse, one prayer-- adds enough to my day's experience. It's enough for a thirsty soul. Instead of drinking deeply, I ask You for quick fixes-- instant success, acceptance, comfort, recognition, security, love-- from everything and everyone around me, including You. That's the water I think I need. (Click here to listen to the powerful worship song "Living Water" by Gateway.) Yet I'm deeply parched. Instead of drinking deeply from the well of Living Water (You), I pray little prayers instead: Help me get through the day. Show me what to do. Take away this anxiety. Protect my family. Solve this problem. Meet my needs. Those are little requests-- little drinks of water that will never parch my thirst for You. They will not sustain or fill me. They will not give me Living Water.

Flood me

My Lord, It seems like you want to flood us. Streets, ditches, streams, rivers, sidewalks, basements. I'm not enjoying it. You can stop anytime. But that's not you. You can't help but flood the minds and hearts of your people. Sometimes your Spirit comes in like a tidal wave, just to remind me who you are and what you are capable of doing. I know you are all-powerful. I know you're the Living Water. I know you give life-- you don't take life. You refresh, you satisfy, you fill. You are enough. You are more than enough-- I can't handle your power or your mercy. I can't understand it. So when I feel that I have more than I can handle, I must be looking at the floods around me instead of looking up to you who are more powerful and more capable than anything this world can throw at me. Flood me. Help me not to fear your flood but to ride the waves-- to sail on-- to walk on water-- to drink from your cup. Make the wate