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Praying to the Best of Friends

Dear Friend of Sinners, I don't know why you've befriended me, why you're "a friend that sticks closer than a brother," or why you proved that there is no greater love than a man who gives up his life for his friend. I don't think I'm that kind of friend, but I want to be. Could I give up my life? I want to be the friend who gives up time and energy for others. I want to be the friend who cries for them in their grief and rejoices with them in their successes, who is never jealous or competitive, a friend who is secure enough to include outsiders but trustworthy enough to guard privacy. Lord, humble me so I am willing to sacrifice for people when they need me. Encourage me through your friendship so I don't give up trusting others. Comfort me so I don't get used to being lonely. Give me the friends you want me to reach. Make me the kind of friend that you are, Jesus. Amen.