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Thank you for friendships

Dear Lord, Thank you for friends . Thank you for the blessing of community and connection, for designing us to respond to one another's pain and joy. I'm so grateful. I don't know how I would be able to survive  if I couldn't process, vent, and pray with friends. Mold me into a loving and patient friend. Help me to see what you see in everyone, but particularly in those close to me. Particularly when they hurt me or misunderstand me. Help me to be a real friend , not a social friend. I want to be responsible for my friendships. Bless them and use them. May they follow you whole-heartedly. May our friendship accurately represent the kingdom of God. I want to be sacrificial, patient, kind, resilient, forgiving, gracious, enthusiastic. I want to carry the Holy Spirit into every encounter . I love you. Thank you for befriending me and for surrounding me with people who love you. In Jesus' name, Amen. "My command is this: Lo

Forgive my friend

Lord Jesus, Forgive my friend for being rude, for hurting others, for hurting herself/himself, for hurting me. Show them your power and envelope them with a desire to worship you with every tiny aspect of their life. I confess their sins for them, knowing that you will extend grace, conviction, and restitution. It's who you are. Make me an instrument of grace and forgiveness when someone wrongs me. Make me a mouthpiece of grace and forgiveness when I see injustice and it makes me mad. Make me a encourager when I can comfort someone who's been hurt. Make me an advocate when I can fix something that's wrong. Make me like you. Amen. Click here to pray "Confessing Someone Else's Sin" Click here to read about how Job prayed for his friends who hurt him.

Praying to the Best of Friends

Dear Friend of Sinners, I don't know why you've befriended me, why you're "a friend that sticks closer than a brother," or why you proved that there is no greater love than a man who gives up his life for his friend. I don't think I'm that kind of friend, but I want to be. Could I give up my life? I want to be the friend who gives up time and energy for others. I want to be the friend who cries for them in their grief and rejoices with them in their successes, who is never jealous or competitive, a friend who is secure enough to include outsiders but trustworthy enough to guard privacy. Lord, humble me so I am willing to sacrifice for people when they need me. Encourage me through your friendship so I don't give up trusting others. Comfort me so I don't get used to being lonely. Give me the friends you want me to reach. Make me the kind of friend that you are, Jesus. Amen.