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Prayer for the future

Dear Father, who transcends time and place-- My hope is in You. I will not fear, regardless of what the world says and does. I will not judge, regardless of the way people treat me. My hope is in You. I will not worry, regardless of the uncontrollable situations around me. I will not pout, regardless of disappointed dreams. My hope is in You. I will not complain, because You give me more than I deserve. I will not lose heart, because You give me courage. I will not give up, because You give strength for every circumstance. My hope is in You. You, alone, wipe away the past. You, alone, are my present joy. You, alone, give me a future. My hope is in You. I will trust Your plans because Your will is central to my life. I will trust Your will because You are good. I will look forward and not backward. I will set my affection on heaven, not earth. Then I will have hope. You did not make me for this present world. You made me for Yours. So give me hope for that future

Everlasting Faithfulness

Lord,  El Olam , the Everlasting God, Help me to trust in you Because you are eternal--you have always been, and you will always be. When trouble comes, and there's no end in sight, help me to trust your will. When I feel betrayed by someone close, help me to trust your friendship. When life seems unfair, help me to trust your justice. When I am anxious about the future, help me to trust your peace. When I am lost, looking for direction, help me to trust your guidance. When my circumstances seem hopeless, help me to trust your wisdom. When everyone feels untrustworthy, help me to trust your character. You have always been faithful to those who seek you-- Always just to those who need justice-- Always strong to those who lean on you-- Always loving, even when I am unlovable. You are everlasting, and so is your faithfulness, your mercy, your grace, and your unending love. Why am I worried? Why am I fearful? I will hope in the Lord, from whom all blessings f