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A prayer for your opposition

My Lord and Father and Son, You know I'm trying to follow you. You know the enemy is trying to trip me up,  slow me down, take me out. You know I'm discouraged, exhausted, afraid. Jesus, you felt this way when you were human. Thank you for your promises . Thank you for your power. Thank you for your patience. God, you found me at the ends of the earth and called me ( Isaiah 41:9 ). You promise to strengthen me and hold me up ( Isaiah 41:10 ). You tell me that my enemies will be ashamed of their deeds ( Isaiah 41:11 ) and will perish in their disobedience. I will not be able to find them, even if I look for them, because you are holding my hand ( Isaiah 41:12-13 ). I am in awe of your compassion and your everlasting love. So I pray for all who oppose me, in my personal or professional life, that they will reach out to you because you want to hold their hands, just like you hold mine. You search for all of us and love all of us equally, and no one is an enemy is your eyes. Teac

"The Prayer" sung by Celine Dion and Josh Groban

Get out your tissues. I'm sharing one of the all-time greatest duets, which happens also to be a prayer. It's a prayer about losing your way, finding grace in God's love, and leaning on Him when you don't know what to do. So it applies to pretty much to any situation. Here you go-- " The Prayer " sung by Celine Dion and Josh Groban I pray You'll be our eyes And watch us where we go And help us to be wise In times when we don't know Let this be our prayer When we lose our way Lead us to a place Guide us with Your Grace Give us faith so we'll be safe La luce che to dai I pray we'll find your light Nel cuore restero And hold it in our hearts A ricordarchi che When stars go out each night L'eterna stella sei Oh, ho Nella mia preghiera Let this be our prayer Quanta fede c'e When shadows fill our day Lead us to a place Guide us with Your Grace Give us faith so we'll be safe Sognamo un mondo senza pi