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Thank you for your protection and healing

Lord Jesus, Great Physician , Thank you for saving my husband's life last night. Thank you for protecting him as the doctors worked on him, and worked on him the next day. Thank you for giving us the wisdom to take him to the hospital, when a health problem was so uncharacteristic of him. Thank you for sitting in the waiting rooms with us, hearing our prayers,  and being present in our fear. Bless the nurses and doctors who immediately gave assistance  and thoroughly investigated his symptoms,  who found irregularities and took them seriously. Thank you for modern medicine, for safe blood tests, EKGs, Ultra-Sounds, MRIs, catherizations,  blood pressure machines, heart monitors, and X-rays-- and everything else available to doctors and patients. Thank you for the cardiologist who didn't say "Let's wait and see how he does during the night." He took him in, found the problem, and fixed it. He re-examined the pictures in the middle of the night and went back in th