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Confession of disunity

Lord, God of heaven and earth, How your heart must grieve over the dissension and hate in the world! You want unity here on earth,  among your children, so the world will know that you are a God of love. Instead, we manifest selfishness , dissent, criticism, and hatred . Create unity in me. I confess my prejudice toward others who don't think like I think. I confess my jealousy and resentment toward others who have more than me. I confess my anger toward others who behave differently than I think they should. I confess my excuses and my blame-shifting of my perspectives and beliefs because I think other people are worse than me. That creates disunity. I want your Spirit to reign in my life, causing love and unity toward all people, regardless of politics, religion, race, economics, or anything else. Create unity in our church. I confess our selfishness because we care more about what church gives us than we do about giving ourselves to mission. I

When you hate someone

Have you ever felt disdain for someone? Hatred, even? Guilt that you should forgive an enemy, but you don't know how? Maybe this will help. Dear Lord, You know my heart, so I can't pretend I don't feel this way. I'm angry. My pride is hurt. I feel manipulated, or betrayed, or used by someone. I don't like that person at all. I don't want to say "I hate," but I wonder if it's true. Am I a person who could hate someone? No, I just don't trust him. I just can't forgive her. I just don't want to be with him. We're just not friends. These are the things I tell myself, but you know they aren't true. I hate. I withhold forgiveness. It makes me feel powerful, or at least that's what I think. It's not true. It's a trap. There's no freedom in hate and unforgiveness. Seventy times seven. That's what you said. You forgave me, so I need to forgive everyone else. No one has sinned agai

Hate or Love in Paris?

Paris has always been a city of love. A terrorist attack doesn't have to change that. Let's take love to a new level.