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Teach us to love like you

Lord, God of love and justice, Teach us to love like you, and not hate in the way that comes naturally. Not to hold grudges. Not to act in violence. Not to assume the worst. Not to secretly rejoice when an enemy stumbles. Not to have enemies. Teach us to hate sin and love the sinner. We are sinners. Each of us, is no better than another in God's eyes. God does not love any of us more than any other, so why should we? Teach our leaders to love-- our governors, mayors, judges, prosecutors, and lawmakers to govern from a place of love and righteousness, not power, privilege, or prejudice. By this will all men know that we are your disciples, if we have love one for another. We don't get to choose who to love. That's not loving like you because you chose all of us. But you left the decision up to us. Heal our land through love. Love is justice . Love is collective responsibility. Love is mercy and grace and accountability. Love is being willin