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Give us ears to hear

Lord Jesus, the Word Who Became Flesh and lived among us-- I am in awe of your love and grace, that you would speak to me and convict me of the habits and fears that bind me from experiencing your love and freedom. Show me your glory today! Reveal yourself through your words. Speak a powerful message through willing lives and willing lips, into the dark corners of the human heart. You speak power and conviction and encouragement from pulpits every Sunday, but you only speak to ears that listen.  Speak in our church today, I pray. Give me ears to hear the message you will speak. Tear down the strongholds and clear out the defenses I build in my heart and mind to avoid the truth, reshape the truth, and deny the truth. May I be bold enough to listen! You will visit me today with the message I need to hear. Give me the courage to hear it and obey it! Amen. "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."--Rev. 3:6 image by Terrance Hatch