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Lord, make me new

  Lord God, Creator and Regenerator of all things new , Bring newness and freshness into my life through the power of your Holy Spirit. Keep me from looking for a new fix through new relationships, new church , new causes, new addictions, new distractions, or new indignations. This is not the newness you want growing in my life. May I pursue righteousness because you are doing something new in my life. You want to change me-- to make me new , each and every day -- by offering up my pride and my insecurities to you and letting you change anything you want, introduce anything you want, tear down any idols you want. That's how you make me new. You save me, then you keep redeeming my carnal mind and heart every day if I stop fighting you. If I stop protecting all the things I don't want to change, all the comfort, all the traditions, all the safety nets, all the presuppositions. As long as I hold on to these things, I will never be made new. I will just change what I want to an