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A Pledge and Prayer of Allegiance

In this turbulent time of political, social, and emotional unrest, I thought a prayer and pledge of allegiance might be helpful to remind ourselves where we should be aligned and why.  Loyalty and trust are important, but they reflect what we value most. They reflect what we truly worship . A prayer and pledge of allegiance I pledge allegiance to Jesus Christ and to unity of believers and t the gospel for which He died, one Church, under God, indivisible in His Spirit, with love and forgiveness for all. Oh, Lord, the King of Kings and Prince of Peace , I pledge my obedience and reverence to you alone. You have created me to love you and to love others . Keep me from spiritual distractions, from aligning myself against others, from creating enemies and judging friends, from believing that you can only work through human law. I pledge my faith to your will and your timing because you are not hampered by the decisions of men. You can use anyone. You can use me, if only I will trust you.

How to confess your sin

Feeling bad about something you've done? That's a good start. It's not enough to gain forgiveness, make it right, or change the behavior, but it's a good starting point. This little explanation below might help you to understand how to confess a sin and get victory over it (in other words, stop doing it again and again!). The whole thing begins when you do something bad (i.e. selfish, unkind, harmful, cruel, debilitating, disrespectful, addictive, etc.). God's standard is holiness, so pretty much that dumps most of our behavior in the unholy category. Event most of the nice things we do, we do with ulterior motive--being nice to others helps our lives function better. But after we do something wrong, the need for confession begins-- 1. You feel guilty. The question to ask yourself is--how does this behavior line up with God's standard? Then you know if the guilt is from God or you mother. (Sometimes they agree on the standard.) If God says it's wron