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It's not fair

Okay, Lord, It's not fair. I've helped,  loved,  sacrificed, strived, planned, performed, adjusted, given mercy, reached out, supported, affirmed, lovingly confronted, dreamed, achieved-- and what do I receive? Criticism, slander, misunderstanding, rejection, misrepresentation, betrayal, indifference, ignorance, bigotry, judgment, discrimination, correction, unfriendliness. It's not fair. No, it's not. Is this what suffering is? Is this what you warned me about-- what you said it would happen? I just didn't expect it from Christians. From church people. From friends. From people who smile at me and shake my hand and whisper about me when I'm not around. Yes, it happened to Job. It happened to Moses. It happened to David. It happened to you. Okay, I see why it happens to me. Friends and family will turn against someone  who stands for justice, mercy, purpose, and righteousness. Someone who gives grace wil