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What's next? (A question and a promise)

Well, Lord, What's next? I don't understand what's going on. I have trouble hoping, praying , and believing when I can't predict the future. I think you might like it that way, because whenever you told the Israelites what would happen, they didn't believe you. And when you said "Follow me," they questioned everything you did. They had a trust problem. And so do I. Why don't I trust you more? You've proven your love by dying for me. You've verified your love by always meeting my needs. You've reminded me of your power by rescuing me,  even from my own messes. What's next?  What are you doing? You are setting up things for your glory and for my good. You are wooing souls, convicting hearts, forgiving sins. Your mercies never fail. You will never leave us alone . These are your promises. And I believe them, even when I can't figure anything out. This wouldn't be faith if I could. Thank you for listening to my questions and dir