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A prayer for teachers

Dear Lord Jesus, You are the great Teacher. You opened minds, explained truth, challenged cultural norms, welcomed questions, defended the outcasts, championed justice, presented absolute truth with absolute grace and mercy. You loved the unlovable. You confronted the arrogant. You encouraged the weak. You comforted the grieving. You were the ultimate Teacher. This is my wish, my goal, my calling-- to recognize those that need a gracious word, to challenge those whose minds are made up. To call students to a greater work than they have ever imagined. (Click here to read "The Abolition of Man: i.e. The end of real education") Mold me into the kind of teacher you are, as much as possible. Give me your wisdom to recognize need, to see beyond the subject material and personalities. Help me see people like you see them. Make me an instrument of your love and grace this year. (Click here to read "Believe, love, learn: how thinking like a ch