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Spiritual warfare over the rebellious child

Sometimes, we notice our children slipping away from active faith. Or we notice stagnant lives, and we stress about them taking a spiritual nose-dive. Or perhaps they are actively pursuing God, yet we worry about outside influences. And then there are those frightening times when they just don't care about God at all; perhaps they are making dangerous and sinful choices. And we can't stop it. BUT WE CAN PRAY ! Here's a prayer of spiritual warfare  to pray over your wayward child: Dear Father in Heaven, You understand a parent's heart. You know that even though I trust You, it's so hard to leave my child completely in Your hands. I'm worried, even angry about the evil influences that push against ________. Please place Your hands around _________ and guide him/her into Your presence. Give him/her a thirst for You and a dissatisfaction for the pleasures of this world. Place people in _________'s path to influence and encourage him/her toward the

Prayer for my sponsored child

Dear Lord, You provide and equip us for the journeys we take. Please provide a covering from evil and protection from violence for my sponsored child. Keep the enemy away from his family and his future. Give him hope, courage, and resilience to live in his present situation. Help him to know You and love You. I pray for his salvation and surrender to Your will. I pray for spiritual influences in his life that give him a picture of You and Your love. Give him a hope and a future of Your designing. May he always walk in Your ways. I thank you for the privilege of speaking into his life and loving him. Your grace is unfathomable. Thank you for loving me enough to involve me in Your important work. Make me faithful to Your calling. I love you! And I love this child. May he grow up in the confidence of both. Amen.

A prayer of protection for the world's believers

Lord Jesus, Protector and Provider-- I pray your powerful hand of protection of the believers of the world. I pray for their souls to be full with the knowledge of You. I pray for boldness and protection as they share the gospel in hostile territories. I pray that their lives will radiate the love of Jesus as they go about their daily business. Give them fierce angels to wage warfare on their behalf, to cover them with protection, and to guide them to the battles You want them to fight. Give them victory against their spiritual enemies! Fill them with peace as they fulfill their calling. Protect their spouses and children with Your loving hands; let them live victorious and impactful lives on this earth and for eternity. Bless them, oh Lord! Give these warriors heaven's eyes--help them see with Your perspective and act for Your glory! In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen. image by  Jean Beaufort