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How to pray for endurance when you're wiped out

Lord Jesus, I'm so, so tired . You understand why and how and what's next. Please help me to endure with patience the task you've called me to. Your will doesn't seem attainable. I'm insecure and unsettled . I'm overwhelmed and uneasy. I don't know how to endure . I just want rest. And I want answers. Please fill me with your power instead of my own. Build my faith during this weary time. Take this emptiness  and use it to glorify yourself. It will be so obvious that you alone are at work through my life. I am incapable of greatness. You alone satisfy my desire, and you alone can create something meaningful out of weakness . Forgive me for trying to accomplish things in my own strength. Thank you for this exhaustion . I give it to you and ask you to resurrect me. In Jesus' name and because He is LIFE, Amen. "Let’s rid ourselves of every obstacle and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let’s run with endurance the race that is set before us, 

A birthday prayer for my child

Oh, Lord, I ask for your blessing over my child on his birthday, on this day that you breathed life into him as he entered this broken world. Cover him with your protection, your conviction, and your direction. May he always feel your presence. Speak Scripture to him when he sins. Speak comfort to him when he is afraid. Wrap yourself around him when he is alone. Direct him when he is confused. Always, bring your words of life--the Holy Word of God-- to his heart and memory, and may he cling to your truth. Give his discernment in this confusing world. Stir unrest and reticence when he hears falsehood, and help him to turn back to your Word to verify the truth. Make him a man of spiritual power and authority. Bring men and women in his path to guide him and model Christian living to him. Bring friends into his circle who will support and encourage his walk with you. Bring him a wife at the perfect time for both of them. Help him to wait on your voice, to

How to pray for God's will

"Dear God, if it's Your will, please . . ." That's the spiritual way to pray, right? For God's will. And then we proceed to tell Him what His will should be. We'd like a clear-cut path toward a desirable destination. And a nice view along the way. In Hebrews 11, you can read about a whole list of people who spoke with God and heard His response. They heard God's will, about moving to a new land, shaking off slavery, conquering kingdoms, enduring persecution. They prayed for God's will (a plan), they submitted to God's will (their obedience), and then God led them in His will (their destiny). God's will can mean all 3 things. So what and how should we pray for God's will? Accept an unknown outcome  Here are two curious aspects of God's will--He often doesn't tell us the details first, and He doesn't even promise we'll know why something happened. He just expects blind obedience to His written Word. Heb. 11:39 says, &qu