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Prayer for a sick child

Dear Father-Healer, Pour out your mercy, grace, comfort, and miraculous healing over this child who is sick. Death and harm are horrible thoughts and horrible possibilities. Except for you. Except for your power and your perfect will. Help me to believe in your goodness and love. Why must bad things happen to good people? Why is the world so full of heartache and grief? Why do you seem to withdraw when grief overwhelms us like an angry ocean? And most of all--why must terrible things happen to the most innocent of all-- to the unborn, the children, the young, the sweet and kind ones among us? Illness is heart-wrenching for families of children who suffer-- it's unfair, tramatizing, terrifying, heart-breaking. You can heal anyone and anything, so why don't you always do it? Could you do it here? Could you please heal this child? Would you please perform a miracle? More importantly-- Show us your glory. Change us and help us feel you close instea