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Pray and don't give up

  In Luke 18:1-8 , Jesus tells the story of an unjust judge and a widow who wasn't getting justice from an enemy. She kept imploring the judge to help her until he finally relented. This story is not a parable in which God is like the judge. Rather, this story tells us how to pray--with faith and tenacity. It also gives a promise. If this judge, who was selfish, gave justice to an insignificant person because she begged for it, how much more willingly is God to answer our prayers because we ask him to help us? He's willing. He's just waiting for us to ask, believing that we will receive. Here's a prayer of tenacity: Lord God of heaven, who is my righteous Judge, Give me justice from those who oppose me and my service to you. Help me not be discouraged in doing good. Give me relief when I am overlooked and oppressed. Give me clarity of thought and vision. Encourage my faith so I do not view you with limitations. There is nothing you can't do! You are the God of

Comfort for a crisis from Psalm 9

Lord Jesus, We ask your Spirit to comfort us today. Whether we suffer with grief, anxiety , fear, hurt, anger, betrayal, guilt, or hopelessness- - Come meet us. Speak into our lives and invite us to sit in your presence. To feel you. To trust you. To hear you. We come and sit. We wait with expectation and wonder. We will tell of your wonders. We will be glad and rejoice in you. We will sing your praises because you always uphold your righteous causes. You will rebuke sin and arrogance. You will blot out the names of the wicked with your vengeance and uphold the testimony of the righteous. You will judge the world for its sin. You will govern us, your people, with justice . You are refuge for the the oppressed and a stronghold in times of trouble. Because of your power, righteousness will not be defeated. Those who seek you will know your name -- they will hear you call yourself by the name they most need to understand. And that will cause them to

Teach us to love like you

Lord, God of love and justice, Teach us to love like you, and not hate in the way that comes naturally. Not to hold grudges. Not to act in violence. Not to assume the worst. Not to secretly rejoice when an enemy stumbles. Not to have enemies. Teach us to hate sin and love the sinner. We are sinners. Each of us, is no better than another in God's eyes. God does not love any of us more than any other, so why should we? Teach our leaders to love-- our governors, mayors, judges, prosecutors, and lawmakers to govern from a place of love and righteousness, not power, privilege, or prejudice. By this will all men know that we are your disciples, if we have love one for another. We don't get to choose who to love. That's not loving like you because you chose all of us. But you left the decision up to us. Heal our land through love. Love is justice . Love is collective responsibility. Love is mercy and grace and accountability. Love is being willin

Confession of racism in the U.S. & a prayer for Arbery's justice

Maybe you ran 2.23 miles Friday in honor of runner Ahmaud Arbery , who was chased down and shot to death by Gregory and Travis McMichael on Feb. 23, 2020. Ahmaud would have been 26 Saturday, May 8. Four months after the shooting, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has decided to arrest the son and father vigilantes. But will Georgia justly prosecute this travesty of racism, racial profiling, aggravated assault, and murder? As believers, we can and should pray for at least two things regarding this tragic situation: 1. confession of the racism in our country 2. requesting justice for the Arbery family and other non-white citizens who undergo similar persecution in "the land of the free" Why should we confess something if we had nothing to do with it? Answer: the same reason that Moses confessed the sins of Israel, even though he didn't commit them. Moses prayed to stop God's heavy hand of judgment, which was poised to annihilate the Israelites. Moses' f

How to pray for revenge (I mean vengeance and justice)

Onmipotent God, I'm asking you to make things better--a little fairer-- Not for myself, but for some people I care about. In my flesh, I want revenge. In my spirit, I want your righteousness. People I love got a bum deal, an unlucky break. A gross injustice . They've been sinned against. I guess you know what that feels like. I know life's not fair . I know we are called to suffer for the kingdom. But I also know you are a God of justice and you will produce justice and righteousness in the world because that's what you always do. It's how you reveal yourself to all of us-- a God of power, authority, holiness, and love. You make things right . Then you bring joy and peace. Proverbs 21:15  " When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous   but terror to evildoers." You are also a God of vengeance . So when someone hurts, offends, or traumatizes people I love-- people you love who are following you-- I don't min

Fall on my city to bring peace and justice

God Jehovah, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ, Fall on my city and my country. Cover our capital like a heavy blanket with your presence, with an aura of peace and brotherhood. Whisper into hallways and alleys that peace, love, mercy, and diversity reflect who you are and who you made each of us to be. Convict the haters that they live in opposition to you, regardless of their political and religious attachments. They do not represent you, and they tarnish the cause of Christ and the essence of the gospel. Remind Christ-followers everywhere that they are responsible to be the light-- not a political light, but a spiritual light. You do not need politicians or policies to advance your kingdom. You need believers full of love and mercy. Your kingdom is not of this world. You are about releasing people from spiritual darkness and physical affliction and emotional enslavement. You came to bandage the brokenhearted, give release for prisoners, give sight to the blin