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A prayer for Earth Day

Lord, Creator of the Earth, It's Earth Day. Lord, help us to protect and care for your earth, because that's the job you gave mankind to do. May our care for Earth point us toward you! Lord, may the whole earth see you today in your sunrise and sunset, in the flowers and trees, in the animal kingdom, in the fury of storms and the radiance of daylight. Lord, may each of us display grace, mercy, kindness, and love because that's who you are and we are made in your image. May the whole earth sing your praises and revel in your majesty. The earth is yours, and we all belong to you. I pray your Spirit over the earth. Lord, bring souls to yourself today because they see you everywhere they look. Help me reflect your glory and goodness today. May I not despair, worry, or panic because the earth is filled with violence and abuse. You are moving rulers and changing nations. You will bring all glory to yourself. I trust you, and I worship you! Amen.