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Praise & Fear

A paraphrase of Psalm 34 I won't stop bragging about God and what He's doing all the time. Praising him will be my normal conversation. I will boast about God's goodness, even to people who are suffering because it will encourage them. Join me in singing about God's goodness-- He always designs the right futures for us! When I am afraid, I pray to God-- specifically asking Him what His will is and what He wants to do in my life right now. When I am afraid, and there are no answers. My fear always vanishes. I can move forward with courage and purpose, even though I don't know what will happen next. Anyone who depends on God can face hardship and crises without feeling ashamed or depressed. Their faces will be joyful and radiant. I am safe in God's hands. I have called on God many times. He always hears me. He always saves me. He always changes my troubles into blessings. Like an army, God camps out all around me, guarding me from