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A New Year's prayer for the discouraged

Dear Lord, Remember me. Touch me. I'm discouraged. I don't know what to do or where to turn. I feel like nothing I do turns out right. I want to give up and crawl in a hole, but that doesn't feel good, either. Give me the faith to trust your plan for my life. Give me the courage to keep moving forward. Give me vision when I'm overwhelmed. Give me grace when I'm angry and hurt. Give me perseverance when I want to quit. Make me like Jesus. That's probably what you're doing, because this process is painful. So maybe you're up to something in my life after all. I love you, and I'm trying to trust you. Amen.

How to pray a prayer of anguish

Have you ever felt emotionally raw and desperate? Angry, even? My first response in these situations is either to rage at God or someone else. God is a better choice. The best response is to pray a prayer of anguish. To lament. It's one of the ways that God responds to human desperation. Grief, when directed at God, is a prayer. It's a lamentation that expects a response. Anguish can prompt the most beautiful and heart-felt prayers we ever pray. Maybe you're not sure what to say. That's okay, too. The Holy Spirit hears the groaning of our hearts and responds to us with grace and love (Romans 8:26-27). I go directly to Psalms when I need to groan. I start at Psalm 3, and I just keep going until I've said enough. I've underlined a lot of verses about anguish and fairness and deliverance in those pages, so I pray those verses back to God. Somehow, reading the Psalms give power to my prayer and assuage any guilt I'd have for expressing my pain and misery.