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A prayer for kids' camp

Lord Jesus, You're having such an amazing week at camp watching your children love your children. The little ones, away from home for the first time, are making friends, trying foods, listening to lessons, playing new game, admiring teenagers, learning more about who you are. This week will change them forever. The teenagers, away from friends and parents, are taking care of children, applying sunscreen, wiping tables, counting heads, organizing activities, leading cheers, sacrificing themselves for little people. This week will change them forever. The adults, away from work and families, are organizing events, mentoring teenagers, hugging children, losing sleep, staying positive, teaching lessons, running games, investing in the future. This week will change them forever. I pray your blessing over all of them. Keep them safe, healthy, receptive, tender. You want to speak to each of them. You want to nudge them into the next phase of the