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I messed up again

                       Dear Lord, I messed up again . I let someone's words and attitude anger me, make me defensive, and feel upset. I didn't lose my temper or act rudely-- but I wasn't gracious, either. I  said things  that were unnecessary--and who's to say that I wasn't offensive? I wasn't kind because I didn't put myself in their shoes. I didn't  empathize . I didn't ask questions. I just challenged, argued my point, and decided to view them as  arrogant, stubborn, or at best, difficult. But I was all those things. I see that now, and I regret it. Sin is so subtle and tricky-- it seeps in through insecurity and pain  and defends my right to feel offended by another person's words or actions. Sin makes me guard myself and defend myself even when I'm not in danger. It makes me feel misunderstood, alone,  abandoned, and discouraged. Probably like this person felt. Being  wounded  in the past makes me feel wounded all the time. That's wh

I'm never going back: a prayer of determination

We all struggle to follow God consistently. We all return to our nasty habits and warped way of thinking. Keep struggling--keep fighting for truth to become the loudest voice in your head. Read the prayer below of confession and dedication. Click on the 8 prayers embedded in this one to find more encouragement to help you make the continual decision to follow God and reject your selfish nature. There is victory in Jesus! We have to stop making excuses about why we don't follow God completely or why we revise what he tells us to do (so that it fits with our lifestyle). Joy and contentment are found only in a pure relationship with God. Lord, It's me again. I'm struggling. You see me every time I go back to the things I've left behind, when I give in to my sinful habits , my selfish thinking, my comfortable natural inclinations my all-out rebellion. I don't want to keep going back to that life, that endless pursuit of happiness that never feels sati