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A scary prayer for grace

Lord, I need some grace in my life. Not for me--I know I already have that in excess. You lavish your grace and mercy on me, when, of course, I don't deserve it. Thank you for that. It's truly incomprehensible. I must not be living in consciousness of your grace all the time because I am often ungracious towards other people. Me, who's highly flawed, finds time and energy to judge other people who are also highly flawed. I get annoyed, impatient, frustrated , upset. I know that makes me human. Your grace has told me you understand my frailties and you love me anyway. (Once again, thank you.) If your power is made perfect in weakness, why do I rebel against my own weakness and criticize other people's weaknesses. It's so hypocritical. I want your power to flow through me, yet I pretend and fight against the weaknesses that make your power visible. I think the antidote to gracelessness is humility. My flaws should do the trick the