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A confession of confusion over truth (and my excuses)

Oh, Lord,  What is true anymore? It's hard to tell. I can make entire worlds out of what makes me comfortable and justified, instead of what is actually true. What you call true . I make excuses for taking the easiest path, for the sins I commit and the sins I explain away. Show me where I listen to voices that speak lies. Forgive me for my willful ignorance. You are Truth. I look down on people for their sins while ignoring my own. Forgive me for my pride. You are the Way. Show me where I elevate my desires over your will and change me. I labor to build my own kingdoms and elevate my own popularity. Forgive me for my ambition. You are the Life. Show me where I deviate from the life you've laid out for me. Disrobe my deceptions and excuses. Reveal my insecurities . I want to lean into you-- into all of you-- all that you require of me and all that you want to forgive, if I'll just admit what's actually true in my heart and mind. Lay bare my defenses. I will confess