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When parents pray

Dear Heavenly Father, You must know how I feel as a parent. You must understand my anxiety and my fear about the choices, beliefs, and actions that my children take. You understand my frustration at not being good enough as a parent and my fear that my mistakes will harm, even ruin, my kids. Take this fear away in the mighty name of Jesus. Block this anxiety in Jesus' name. I pray for power and a sound mind for myself and my kids. I ask you, God, to pour out your Spirit on them, to surround them during their daily activities, to re-interpret the messaging they receive through your perspective. Speak truth to them. Encourage, challenge, and convict them. Place mentors and friends around them who will support faith in you. Remove harmful influences. Give them compassion for others, and make them the influencers of others. Change them. Develop them into your likeness, not mine. And oh, God, give me patience to let you work in your time and in your way. Help m