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How to pray a Bible verse when you're grieving

When grief rolls over you like an ocean, you often don't know what to do except cry and pray. The problem is usually that you don't know what to pray. You have no words, but your heart longs to cry out. In times like these, I pray Bible verses. I figure if God inspired them, then they speak the truth He wants to hear. And since the Bible is full of people who prayed prayers of grief, I have plenty to pick from. Today I found this little gem in Isaiah 25:8-9 . Look it up to see the actual words (part of a poem). Below is Isaiah 25:8-9, made into a prayer of grief: Oh, Lord, I believe you came to swallow up death forever. Could you come and wipe away my tears today? Remove my disgrace, my shame, my heartache from being remembered in my life and in this world. Let people remember me for your influence on my life. Transform my grief into purpose and blessing. You have declared this to be your passion. Someday, people will say, "Look at what God did throug