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Praying for the kingdom of heaven in my life

  Dear Lord Jesus, You talked a lot about the kingdom of heaven . That term seems a little mysterious. I guess your listeners didn't understand it either because you explained it over and over. I'm asking your Holy Spirit to help me understand it. I'm praying for the kingdom of heaven in my life. Help me to sow good habits into my life so I can grow (Matt. 13:24) Make me like a mustard seed, small and humble, but fruitful. May my life grow to be a shade tree for everyone else (Matt. 13:33) Help me seek your kingdom because it is a great treasure . Make me brave enough to give up everything for it (Matt. 13:44) Give me perspective to live with a kingdom mindset--to see your gospel as a pearl of great price (Matt. 13:45) May my life be like a welcoming household, filled with treasures (Matt. 13:52) Give me your power, to bind evil in your name (Matt. 16:19) Make me humble , teachable, and joyful like a child (Matt. 18:4) Build into me responsibility, stewardship , and ear