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I messed up again

                       Dear Lord, I messed up again . I let someone's words and attitude anger me, make me defensive, and feel upset. I didn't lose my temper or act rudely-- but I wasn't gracious, either. I  said things  that were unnecessary--and who's to say that I wasn't offensive? I wasn't kind because I didn't put myself in their shoes. I didn't  empathize . I didn't ask questions. I just challenged, argued my point, and decided to view them as  arrogant, stubborn, or at best, difficult. But I was all those things. I see that now, and I regret it. Sin is so subtle and tricky-- it seeps in through insecurity and pain  and defends my right to feel offended by another person's words or actions. Sin makes me guard myself and defend myself even when I'm not in danger. It makes me feel misunderstood, alone,  abandoned, and discouraged. Probably like this person felt. Being  wounded  in the past makes me feel wounded all the time. That's wh

How to pray for the fruits of the Spirit (and understand what they are)

Dear Lord, I need the fruit of your Holy Spirit , the evidence that you are working in my life and producing works that are honoring you. Give me love like yours that doesn't see status, race, gender, intelligence, economics, politics, personality, age, or sinfulness. Help me just love souls like you love souls. This is not a gift so much as it is a decision. Help me decide to love like you. (Click here to read "Why love hurts.") Fill me with joy at being in relationship with you. This, I think, is also a decision. Help me decide to choose joy and thankfulness for any and every situation, to have the faith that you are present and you will accomplish good in me and through me. Your will and timing are always best. Remind me not to chase after happiness because that is fleeting. Joy lasts. (Click here to read "Handling joy and grief at the holidays.") Help me seek peace over safety, security, and being proven right. Convict me when my decisions and