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Don't lose heart

  Lord Jesus, Help me to not lose heart, to avoid discouragement and negative thinking, (not because I can make myself happier) but because you only are my source of joy and confidence. You are above and in all things. You use all things for good. So regardless of what happens in this world, I can not struck down or abandoned. I am not deceived by worldly philosophies or a false gospel. I am not entitled to something more than you give me. I am not missing out on something you've kept from me. I belong to you, and I bring you joy . I am a light in a dark world, just as you came as a light on a dark Christmas night. Everywhere you are, you radiate light, joy, hope, and love. You do it through creation. You do it through the Church. You do it through me. You are my light, and I am your light to the world at Christmas and every day of the year. If I let you shine through me-- if I let you say what you want to say and do what you want to do. If I reflect you in everything, in a mill

A Prayer Against Fear

Dear Father, My heart is heavy with worry and anguish over the hate and fear building in this country. Even among Christians, the pressure to retaliate and fight confuses my desire to be a light in this dark world. Why am I afraid? Because I look around me and see sinful men and sinful reactions. I see fear everywhere, and I know that when I am afraid, my trust in You vanishes like the morning mist. I pray now against fear and anxiety. God, make me brave. Make me strong and courageous. Then give me a passion to love others. Give me confidence in YOU and in the weapons you command me to use--praying in the power of the Holy Spirit and speaking the Word of God, which is sharper than any sword. Pierce me first, then pierce the darkness of this culture with the Light of the World. In You I trust. You are my deliverer, my safe haven, my stronghold. I will wait on You. I will not be afraid what men can do to me. In Jesus' holy and powerful name, Amen.