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A prayer for the lonely parent during the school year

Dear Father, You know how much it aches to be away from your children because you long for us. You want to talk to us all day and walk with us and eat with us. So you get how this feels to be separated from your child-- regardless of how big he (or she) is-- for an entire school year, especially for a college school year. Wow, this hurts. Such a deep, fearful ache. Help me to bear it by trusting my child with you-- he is in your care, and you can do a better job than I can. Give me a new focus here at home, another calling to help someone else and the courage to operate in a new role with my student. Give me wisdom about how much to text when to call, and how much to help. And when to stop myself. Give me the courage to give him space and let him  fail. Give me grace to help him fail without life-altering consequences-- if that's possible-- and even more grace to forgive and love when he's make a wreck of everything. Help me to celebrate suc