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How to Pray (a lesson from Jesus)

How should you pray? What if Jesus could show you how to pray a prayer that works? Most of us have probably prayed the Lord's Prayer. We've sung it or recited it in unison in church, at a large event, at the dinner table. It's fast, simple, and maybe a little high-church in its feel. But it's not really a dinner prayer or a convocation prayer. It's not designed for cathedrals. It's merely a sample of how to communicate with God Almighty about both big and little things. Jesus formed this prayer himself, so I'd say this is a reliable template for your prayers, too. You can use this for a model. Here's little breakdown of the topics:  1) worship 2) faith 3) obedience 4) mission 5) request 6) confession 7)    praise (It's always a good idea to start and end with adoration of God--it straightens out our perspectives.)  In other words, I can't ask God for something when my heart is still hiding selfishness or pride. I can't ask for his will w