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Prayer to guard my emotions because my kids are leaving

Dear Lord, You know I've got a big couple of weeks coming up.  My children are leaving the nest in a variety of ways.  Whether first time, second time, or last time--it doesn't really matter. There is a stabbing pain when my kids move away. Release, pride, gratefulness, worry, and then loss,  which tries very hard to morph into panic and desperation. (Smothering and helicopter-ing seem like options, even though I condemn it but secretly want to do it.) My emotions are going crazy, so I know that my feelings and thoughts cannot be fully trusted. I must lean into you only. Worry makes me assume the worst. Loss makes me feel rejected. Panic pushes my loved ones away. (Read a blog about losing your kids to college here .) Control my thoughts, Lord. Speak truth to me, and help me hear you. Help me to focus on your love and grace to me, not my feelings of loss or worry. You've got this. You've got me. You always protect, always draw near, always

Prayer over a miscarriage

Experts guess that between 10-25% of pregnancies end in miscarriages, for various reasons. To a woman who knows she's pregnant--who knows there's a baby forming in her womb--it doesn't matter why the pregnancy fails. She just knows that one day she was a mother, and the next day, she was not. She feels grief. For all those excited and anticipating the birth of a baby, a miscarriage is a death. If this is you, here is a prayer to help you grieve and hope: Dear Abba Father, You have created all things. Your work is perfect. You created me for a purpose, and you created this little life for a purpose, although it doesn't make sense to me now why a helpless baby's life should be cut short so quickly. I am so terribly sad-- I feel such a sense of emptiness and loss. To be honest, I feel robbed. This is confusing, because I know you aren't a robber. You have come to give life and give it more abundant. So why did you bless me, only to remove the bl