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I believe you love me

Dear Lord, All your ways are good. I believe you love me. When life is difficult, and circumstances don't go my way, I believe you love me, and you're working out a plan to mature me. When people and struggles are cruel and unforgiving, I believe you love me, and you're teaching me something about myself and about yourself. When you bless me with family love and encouraging friendships, I believe you love me. Yet you don't love me any more when my life is easy than when it is hard, even thought that seems true to me. Ease is not better proof of your love, but it does reveal the degree of my faith in you. Thank you for your patience with me, for your long-suffering nature that understands how many times it takes for me to believe and accept truth, especially truth of your sacrificial and eternal love. As if you had something more to prove! Living by faith and not by sight is hard for me-- I so easily forget that you are love, all the time,