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Prayer for Charlottesville

Lord, Comforter and Redeemer, Take these troubled times and bring good from them. Somehow, throw your spirit of comfort like a mantle over the grieving, over those traumatized by the Charlottesville rally, and most of all over those injured and killed there. Infiltrate their homes and their conversations-- let your spirit be felt. Comfort those grieving for loved ones lost through senseless violence. Bring justice, swift and sure. Not revenge. That is not your way. But justice, peace, and sanity to a situation raging out of control. May this tragedy in Charlottesville wake up a sleepy country to the ravages of deep-seated prejudice and hatred. Somehow, draw us toward your spirit of wisdom, fill us with a desire and determination to be loving, forgiving, compassionate, determined. Give us the courage to stand for righteousness, to shirk stubbornness and pride, to abhor hatred. Change us. And even while you work so great a miracle, lighten the heavy hearts of