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A prayer for your college student

Oh, Lord, My heart is heavy, and my anxiety is heightened, so my soul looks to you. Only you can help me to rest in your plans and your protection for my college student as he returns to school. I lift up my college student to you and place him into your care. Guard his mind from harmful influences, from secular reasoning and humanistic values, from fundamentalist and judgmental attitudes that create pride and harden hearts. Holy Spirit, speak daily into his heart and mind, reminding him of truth and life. When he is bombarded with secular philosophies and agendas, give him intuition and question truth to seek answers from your Word. Strengthen his courage to stand for justice and righteousness in a world gone crazy with hate and violence. Surround him with a Christian community and friend group (even one person, Lord!). Help him to make deep friendships quickly with students and teachers who will edify and encourage him, who will not degrade or deride him, but wi

A daily prayer for your children

Dear Heavenly Father, I give you my children into your hands to protect, guide, convict, and grow. I pray over my children the words you gave the Israelites when you instructed them to impress your commands on their children's hearts. I need your help to do this well. Help me to impress on my children: to love you with all their heart, soul, and mind to carefully obey all your commands to think about you and understand you during their daily tasks and their journey through life to memorize your holy Word, so it will grow in their hearts and produce godly attitudes to fear (respect) you; to be in awe of your majesty to keep their hearts from idolizing people and things to take your authority seriously--not to test you or ridicule you or disregard you to do right and good, whether they are alone or with others to recognize your hand of blessing throughout their lives and to remember your interactions on their behalf to discern your voice and your expectations

A prayer for my teenager

Dear Lord, Please surround my teenager with your presence today. Walk with him, sit by him, whisper to him when he's alone. Give him ears to hear you and a voice that praises you. May the knowledge he has of you seep into his daily living. Guide his thoughts, channel his emotions, temper his actions so that wherever he is and whatever he does, he brings you glory. Even when he strays, doubts, or disbelieves, stand close to him and remind him gently that you are his father, his savior, his everything. Forgive him for his many sins and restore him to you. Guard his heart and soul. Defend his mind. Bring him friends and mentors to reflect your love and grace, your mission and passion-- people who will influence him to grow, to reach his world, and to live in relationship with you. I pray the blood of Jesus over him and the power of the Holy Spirit upon him. Remember that you gave him to me, and I gave him back. He's yours. I want you to have him because yo