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Praying about a ministry decision

Dear Lord, I'm investigating a new opportunity for ministry, and I want to hear your voice. It's been on my mind. I've felt passion for it. I've investigated a little. And I feel your spirit stirring me inside. Should I do this? Is this what you want? I'm not really qualified. I'm not confident. There are probably other people who could do it better. Yet I know from experience and reading the Bible that these facts are often an indication that you are calling me. You usually call me to tasks greater than I can handle so I will turn to you for everything. I will give myself to prayer and Scripture this week so I can hear you when you speak to me. I am committing to you right now to obey you in whatever you ask--to follow wherever your will takes me. Any other response removes me from your blessing. I can't live without your blessing on my life. And by "blessing," I mean your favor. I realize and remind myself that blessings aren'