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Will you pray for us?

Hey everyone, please pray for my husband Shane. He's in great shape, has a healthy heart and rides for a elite amateur biking team for exercise. Last night on a 40-mile group ride, he had a heart attack. He experienced chest pain and shortness of breath. That's it. He just had a good physical one month ago. Two years ago, his heart showed 0 blockage, although his blood pressure was a little elevated. God preserved him--because his chest was hurting, he slowly finished the ride & drove home. Our son Brent (in clinicals for PT) took his vitals,;I gave him aspirin, and after a lot of persuading, I took him to the hospital. His 2 EKGs were good, but his blood showed cardio enzymes. So they called in the cardiologist, who immediately assembled a heart cath team at 1 am and worked for 1.5 hours to ultimately find the blockage in his main artery and put in a stent. He said Shane's main artery was 90% blocked--that's the widow-maker artery. He probably would've died dur