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Prayer against the enemy of discouragement

Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ, I ask for you to join me in war against the enemy of discouragement. I pray against a lack of confidence and hope for my loved one. I pray in Jesus' name that your forces will defeat all that come against life and love and holiness. Bring him a miraculous intervention-- a resolution, a celebration, a season of hope and renewal-- because the forces that come with you are stronger than the forces that come against him. The war is already won. But it'd be nice if you could just knock this battle out for him. I know you want to grow him by bringing him through a valley. He knows that. We know that. But life is still so hard, and people can be so cruel. They say things that discourage, deflate, and destroy confidence, hope, and vision. You understand. Sometimes, you just can't take it anymore. Give my loved one thick skin, a tender touch, and a gracious heart. May he reach out when others push. May he