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Bring down this enemy

Dear God, I'm going to access a little David here and ask you to bring down an enemy, an enemy of someone who follows you. Someone I care about. When someone opposes truth and justice, inflicts pain on one of your children, and brings shame to the gospel-- how do you decide when enough time is enough? After he has had opportunity to repent and he still refuses, what will you do? Sometimes you choose to take that person out. Perhaps this is one of those times. (I feel a little guilty hoping for this.) I'm not asking for this person's actual death, just for a reckoning, a humbling. On behalf of everyone harmed by evil people, I pray for your Spirit to humble, chastise, and even destroy the enemies of Christ. I've prayed for people's repentance-- and I know it's never too late for anyone to turn from wrong and turn back to you-- but when it seems repentance will never happen, I wonder if you could just remove this enemy from any influ