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Prayer and fasting

Often, people talk about fasting because they want God to answer a request or give them some direction. This is only partly correct. Yes, prayer and fasting facilitates the ability to hear God clearly. But fasting is not a trigger for hearing God. When you need something, the solution is not to skip a meal and ask God to show up. That would make God our servant rather than our Lord. Fasting does, however, begin to prepare your heart, which is a trigger for changed motives and behavior. When accompanied by prayer and Bible-reading, fasting prepares you for dramatic change. It clears your mind and heart to receive wisdom from God and hear His voice. Notice the passage below (it's not one of the typical fasting passages): Jeremiah 36:6-7 So you go to the house of the  Lord  on a day of fasting  and read to the people from the scroll the words of the  Lord  that you wrote as I dictated.  Read them to all the people of Judah  who come in from their towns.   Perhaps they will br