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A prayer about a crappy day (and a crappy attitude)

Lord, Help me. I'm going through a crappy time, and I don't want to hear anyone saying trite little comments to me about how thankful I should be or how things will get better. I know that. I just don't feel that. I've decided I'm having a pity-party. This feels right, at the moment. But of course, then I feel worse. It's all selfishness. I know that. God, I don't know how you're going to change my heart. This is a big ask, and a bigger commitment to repent on my part. I need you. I need my faith in you to grow. I really do need someone to knock some sense into me. Except they really should do it from a distance because I'm likely to take a swing back. Hmm. Maybe I just need to find a punching bag. Punch me. I'll go open the Bible. I'm sure something there will reach out and knock me upside the head. So in advance of that happening, thank you. I do love you. Please bear with me a little longer. Amen. 1 Tim