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Praying for big and little needs

This morning I read a friend Lori Hatcher 's blog called "Is it wrong pray for little needs?" I was just praying intermittently for my children to love God, for the poor in Africa, for our Compassion Sunday this week, and for my social media/publicity needs, and I was feeling guilty about how and why I pray. I know that God doesn't judge me for making prayer requests. He wants to hear them, and He wants to answer them. The crux of the issue is my heart. Do I want what He wants? Do I desire His kingdom? Or am I focused on building mine, making my little family kingdom more comfortable and less stressful? Do I pray because I want to spare myself pain and hardship or because I want God to use my hardships to advance His kingdom? God, I lay my anxieties and concerns at your feet. I trust you completely with them. Help me to not take these worries back from you today. Amen. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.-- 1 Peter 5:7