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A prayer for my children's spouses

It's never too soon to pray for your kids' future spouses. I've been praying for my kids' spouses since the day my kids were born, hoping and longing for three girls to grow up loved and protected and conformed into the image of Christ. It's never too late to pray for that. All of us are growing and changing, no matter how old we are. The majesty of Scripture is that it is always revealing new truth to the people who seek truth, no matter how many times they've read it. Seek truth for yourself, then encourage your kids and their spouses to seek truth. We learn by watching others live right. Your job as a parent of adults is to live right and model righteous decisions. Your job as a child is to watch adults who live right and follow their example, which means that you are also making righteous decisions. Don't give up on people growing more like Christ. Don't give up on your kids, on your kids' girlfriends or boyfriends, or on your

A Parent's Prayer (from Romans 12)

This morning I read Romans 12 and thought, "Wow! This is a masterful prayer for parents (me) to pray over my kids. It says everything I want for them." So here it is-- Romans 12 , turned into a parents' prayer for their children, no matter how young or old they are. It is a prayer over their destiny. (You can also read "A prayer of destiny over your family" here .) Dear Lord God, I ask for Holy Spirit to influence my children. May they present themselves wholly to you to you as you want to. Help them not conform to the lifestyles in this world But be transformed from the inside out— May they meditate on Scripture and see the world as you see it. Give them wisdom to discern your perfect will. Help them to be humble and serving in the church, To take their gifts and talents seriously, knowing you gave them abilities to be used in the body of Christ and not for their own improvement and satisfaction. Give them success by your stan

Praying for Angels to Surround my Kids

Lord of Heaven, You have angels at your disposal, worshipping You, defending Your holiness, protecting us, Your children. You are great and mighty in power and full of love and mercy. I ask You to send more angels to surround my kids today. Minister to them-- encourage them, guard them, defend them against the onslaught of the evil one. Wage war over them because You created them to be filled with power and authority in Jesus' name. You intend for them to silence evil, withstand persecution, and glorify You. May my kids honor and please You today with their thoughts, actions, and motivations. May they be pure in heart and mind. May they function as You intended, surrounded by heavenly hosts with swords drawn and voices like thunder. In the power of the Holy Spirit, my kids will slay spiritual giants and conquer enemy territory. I believe it in the name of Jesus, the King of all Kings. Thank You for Your angels. I call on them in Jesus' holy name

A prayer for my child's safety

Dear Lord Jesus, You hear the hammering of my heart, the ache of letting a child go out into the world, although it terrifies me. Your mother must have felt that way every day. Today I'm releasing my child a little bit more, and it hurts deeply-- not because I don't want him to go (although there's a teeny piece of that)-- but because I don't want him to be hurt. I ask You--I beg You--put a hedge of protection around my child. Send Your angels to encircle him, to fight for him, to protect him against the forces of this world that seek his harm. Protect his mind from secular thinking. Protect his heart from loving the temporary things of this world. Protect his body from physical and emotional damage, from impurity, from hate, from unforgiveness, from bodily harm. And while You protect him, breathe life into his spirit. May he feel the most free, the most happy, the most fulfilled, when he is in Your presence. Give him a longing for You and for Yo

Thank you for my children

Lord of mercy and love, Thank you for my children. Thank you for their successes. Thank you even for their hardships because it builds the character that I want them to have and the character you want me to have. (Because parenting always leads me back to you.) I can't love them without your love or lead them without following you. I need you more than they need me or I need them. Just you. Help me to trust you with their lives, through joys and sorrows, triumphs and pain. You have already shown yourself to be trustworthy-- They are your love language to me. Your whispers of hope, healing, and heaven. They are my greatest blessings. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you. And loving them gives me a glimpse of who you are. Amen.